Ways to get rid of acne in a week

Ways to get rid of acne in a week





Acne is a pimples that appear throughout the body, especially in the face area, due to the masculinity hormones caused by the thyroid, which increases the activity of the fatty gland in adult and male age, and when the pores of the fatty gland are closed Under the skin cells the fat accumulate, which stimulates bacteria that live on the skin naturally, causing inflammation of the surrounding tissues, and in the case of inflammation near the surface of the skin, it causes stream, and if it is deeper, it causes stream, otherwise A depth of this causes Cystic Acne, and when fat breaks on the surface, it causes whiteheads, and when it is released by oxygen in the air, white fat changes to black, causing blackheads. Causes of acne: The problem of acne causes great embarrassment, as it ruins the external appearance, and it is sometimes painful, and the effects that leave it remain for a very long time. There are many reasons for this problem, including what is due to sick situations, including what is due to unhealthy habits, such as:

  • genetic factors.

  • Hormonal changes, especially in adolescence and pre-menstruation in women.

  • use lotions for oily skin.

  • Neglect of skin hygiene, which works to accumulate germs and dead cells.

Ways to get rid of acne in three days:
Acne is shown on the face, chest, back, shoulders, hips, and to keep the skin clean. You need to start the acne removal system with special soap and local medicines, and it takes about two weeks before important results, but when you keep up with the following steps, new pimples will be treated and eliminated in just two or three days. - washing the face three times a day using a gentle cleanser such as the, in addition to perfume-Free Soap, which does not cause allergies.

- keep the skin hydrated, as the system can cause dry skin, and oil-free moisturizers, such as products containing urea, glycerin and alpha acids, which absorb water from the air, and keep the skin hydrated...

- The use of local treatment on the affected area, which contains coffee Peru, is one of the most effective drugs in acne treatment, can be applied twice a day, and three times in case of mild to severe acne.

- use a holding material containing alcohol and alcohol, to remove fat deposits in pores, bacteria, and dirt.

- exfoliate the skin twice to three times a week, not more so that the skin will not be damaged.

- follow the system for three months even after acne disappeared; because acne starts from under the surface of the skin.

Mixes to get rid of acne and its effects: There are several natural mixes that can treat acne and its effects quickly, but you can't tell for a certain time, including .

ring leaves mix and hummus flour

Ring leaves are a natural and powerful treatment for acne, to get rid of its effects, suitable for all skin types, and its way is:


- ring leaves.
- hummus flour. Application Method: Mix ingredients, then apply to the skin.

Honey And Soda Blend

Soda Polycarbonate Peel dead skin cells accumulated in pimples, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, honey reduces swelling, kills acne-causing bacteria, antibacterial; because enzymes present in honey produce Hydrogen Peru, which quickly heals pimples, prevents scars and acne scars, making this combination good for acne scars as well, and its way is:


- 2 teaspoon of natural honey.

- a teaspoon of soda.

How to apply: Mix ingredients, then apply to the acne-affected area using fingers. Gently and gently rub; due to inflammation and sensitivity of the skin especially when touched, and rub in a circular movement for 3-5 minutes. Then clean with tepid water.

Honey and cactus

Aloe Vera soothes and subside the skin, heals wounds, has anti-microbial properties, suitable for the treatment of acne and its effects, honey antioxidant, contains vitamins and minerals, benefits in the treatment of acne and its effects, and its way is : 


 - a tablespoon of aloe vera.

- a tablespoon of honey.

How to apply:

Aloe Vera and honey are mixed, a layer of mixture is placed on the face and neck, and the mixture can apply to other parts of the body affected by acne. Then he leaves the mix for 10 minutes. Then clean with tepid water.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is an essential oil that can be used to treat acne and its symptoms, contains antibacterial properties and bacteria that cause acne, and its way is: Ingredients: - 6-5 drops of tea tree oil. - Cotton Piece.

Preparation Method:

Drops of tea tree oil are placed on a piece of cotton. Then gently apply to scars, and leave overnight. The next morning washes, Moisturizer is applied. The process is repeated regularly; for immediate relief from acne scars.

Mint & Turmeric:

Turmeric is antibacterial and mint to heal, so this combination works for a very quick recovery of acne and its effects, and its way is: Ingredients: - a teaspoon of turmeric powder. - half a tablespoon of mint juice.

Application Method:

Turmeric Powder and mint juice blends, and the paste is applied to acne scars. It leaves for 20 minutes, then washes with warm water. Treatment is applied twice a week; for the best results.

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