Neymar gives Barcelona a last chance


Neymar gives Barcelona a last chance

Josep Maria Bartomeu President of FC Barcelona
A Spanish Press Report, today Friday, confirmed that the Brazilian
Neymar Da Silva, the star of Paris Saint-Germain, decided to give Barcelona one last chance, before changing his direction towards real madrid.

According to the Spanish newspaper "Mundo De Port", Neymar will wait for Barcelona's move to resolve his return to camp nou stadium until 20 August, because wearing a barca shirt again, his first desire.

Neymar's first plan was to Paris Saint-Germain, before the team fought, his first game in the French League.

The newspaper indicated that neymar does not exclude any option from his accounts to leave Saint-Germain, and therefore he may move towards real Madrid, if there is no strong move from Barcelona to resolve the deal.

Neymar is reported to have recently published a picture in French, Zinedine Zidane, a real madrid coach, which raises controversy over the Brazilian Star's transition to merengue next season.

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