Missing woman in the ocean was found 1.5 years later in the same place and in the same clothes

We live in a rational world. In it, everything seems to lend itself to logical explanation. But there are times when it is simply impossible to explain an event. One of these is the story that happened with a resident of Indonesia, Nining Sunarsih.

A year and a half ago, a 52-year-old woman decided to relax in one of the resorts in the west of Java. On one not very beautiful day, a strong storm broke out at sea. Just at that moment, Sunarsih was on the beach. A huge wave hit the shore and carried the unfortunate woman into the open sea. She screamed and called for help, but no one dared to save her because of the storm.


When the elements calmed down, the search for Nining began. Rescuers combed the coast for several days. But they could not find the body of the missing. Only after seven weeks was a mutilated body discovered. The relatives of Sunarsikh were called for identification.


Despite the fact that the body was in poor condition, the relatives of the lost woman firmly stated that it was not her. No one else searched for Nining. Rescuers concluded that her body became fodder for marine inhabitants.

At this tragic place, most of these stories ended. But this story had a fantastic continuation. A year and a half after the disappearance of Sunarsih, real mysticism begins.


Most recently, at the end of June 2018, Uncle Nining began to dream strange dreams. In a dream, she was all on the same beach. Sunarsikh called her family to her seashore. At first, uncle drove away dreams. He thought he was just missing a relative. But Nining came to him over and over again every night.


The Indonesians are superstitious people. Therefore, the man spoke about his relatives' dreams. It was decided to go to the very resort in West Java. On the first day of the search, the family did not find anyone.


But on the second day a miracle happened. In the same place, in the same clothes, relatives found Nining. She lay unconscious. Sunarsikh was taken to the nearest hospital. Doctors said that the woman’s condition is extremely serious, but not fatal. They are sure that a woman will live.


Where she disappeared for eighteen months is not clear. What could happen to her, and where she was all this time, she will be able to tell only after she regains consciousness.


While the Indonesian is unconscious. But for relatives this is not the most important thing now. For them, real happiness is that Nining is alive.

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