What the villagers found inside a giant snake makes you shudder

The fauna of our planet is extremely diverse. It’s just amazing how many creatures nature hasn’t created! However, with many of them there is not the slightest desire to encounter in real life.

The other day, farmers of a settlement in Nigeria saw a giant snake near their houses, whose belly was literally bursting with something that was inside.


People thought that the snake ate a goat or a calf, and shot a reptile ...


The slain reptile turned out to be a huge hieroglyphic python. Representatives of this species are one of the largest snakes in the world. Their weight can reach 100 kilograms and a length of 6 meters!

These reptiles are considered very aggressive and have repeatedly attacked people. In 2002, a case was even recorded when a hieroglyphic python swallowed a 10-year-old boy ...


Having opened the reptile, people saw that her stomach was full of many eggs! The snake was preparing to bring new offspring from day to day.


The farmers who killed the snake decided to boast a snapshot of the prey on social networks. The photo caused a great resonance and fierce debate. Animal defenders are saddened by what happened and called the farmers flayers, while others rejoice that one giant reptile has become smaller.

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