Earn money from writing articles

For a professional start in the field of writing articles that are attractive and distinctive to bring the largest number of interested visits, which will earn money from our site by posting and sharing on social networking sites.

The correct way to write an exclusive article:

First, do not rush to write the content, which constitutes the main circle in the entire work, where you have to learn well the rules of writing starting from the headlines and sub-paragraphs, with the addition of some pictures aimed at the same subject, taking into account the external and internal links.

Rules and conditions for acceptance of articles:

  1. Do not copy topics from other forums and blogs.
  2. You must write at least 500 words without errors and are supported by images and external and internal links.
  3. The article is not contrary to AdSense policy.
  4. Do not deploy hacked programs and applications.
  5. Not to write topics about violence and sex and do not contain nude or scandalous images.
  6. Content against children's rights is prohibited.
  7. Not to publish or promote articles to sell drugs or weapons by posting links to related websites.
  8. In order to work professionally you have to be responsible in publishing useful content and abide by all terms of the site.
  9. Do not use traffic exchange sites and phantom traffic programs.
  10. Do not use Vpn programs to hide IP address.

Consequences of violating the terms and policy of the site:

  • Each violating Member will be present in a direct and intentional manner with one of the terms of the Site mentioned in this subject without notice.
  • Non-payment of profits to each member who violates the terms and policy of the site to publish articles and profit from them.
  • Not to allow with every user used illegal methods and tricks to make money from our site and I will be strict with him and take the necessary measures for that.

The bonuses you get :

Earn money on each visit to your article and visits are calculated through a table with all the details for every 1000 visits to all countries.
Reward active users of the site paid by the admin in recognition of the effort and adherence to work.

How to bring real and non-infringing visits to your articles :

Do not forget that the content is the king of any articles and exclusive news very much help in attracting visitors interested in what is published, as well as having large pages on Facebook or channel on YouTube plays a very large role in the dissemination of content as well as groups of Facebook and forums.
There are also many good paid methods such as adwords and facebook ads.

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