From the bottom of the Volga they lifted a car with the bodies of the lovers who disappeared 11 years ago

In Cheboksary, criminologists are examining a car that has been lying on the bottom of the Volga for 11 years. The salon found the bodies of a missing man and his lover.

An amateur diver accidentally found the car. The man immediately reported his find to the police. Together with rescuers, a special operation to raise a car was urgently organized. For this, a floating platform with a crane was used.

The most difficult, said EMERCOM employees, was to hook the cable, because the car body is deformed. Now the detectives have to find out why the car was distorted. It will also be necessary to establish how the car in general, which was driven by a young man Ilya Zhirnov, and his bride Kira Cherkasova was in the passenger seat, was in the river.

It may be that 11 years ago an accident occurred or the couple became a victim of robbers who decided to hide evidence in this way. The relatives of the victims are now being contacted by employees of the Investigative Committee. All this time they had the hope that their loved ones could be found.

Oleg Dmitriev, senior assistant to the head of the CC RF IC in the Republic of Chuvashia: “Since there was no evidence that the young people were planning to leave somewhere, the law enforcement authorities decided as soon as possible to institute criminal proceedings on the fact of their unknown disappearance. However, it was subsequently suspended. ”

Bodies sent for examination. In the very near future, specialists should give an opinion.

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